Our Offer

Our Offer

Our Offer
Technology Active Value-add Investment We invest only where we can see the opportunity to support the successful development of a business with our experience & contacts, not just our financial investment.

We are interested in young or start-up businesses (proof of concept stage or beyond) not ideas for businesses.
Digital, mobile, social, gaming, apps, e-commerce What we look for Driven visionary leadership

Protectable (patents or first mover) technology platform

Scalability and Exponential growth potential

Profit Model
(not just revenue or user acquisition)
mTekventures provides seed capital We help with Seed capital up to and including Series A funding

Shaping the strategic plan and business model

Getting in front of the budget holders in charter clients

International reach – developed and emerging markets

Attracting and retaining talent

Attracting Series B-C funding and exit strategy
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