Our added value

Our Added Value

About mTekventures
Philip Mundy Philip Mundy, Co-Founder & CEO "The acceleration mTek brought to the company was remarkable. Within weeks of working together we had several meetings in place with C-Suite level leaders of £1Bn+ revenue companies. The difference is that the mTek partners have done it before. Their network is unparalleled, and they are all highly respected voices within the Digital and Marketing industries."

Garry Mooney Garry Moroney, Founder & CEO Mark and Patrick have been a great source of both strategic insight and hands-on practical help to Clavis. Their time spent with our senior execs on the development of our propositions and strategies has been invaluable. Mark’s combination of business management experience, creative thinking and natural empathy with the entrepreneur make him a highly effective mentor and advisor for young companies.

Mark Goodstadt Mark Goodstadt, CEO "Patrick and Mark have played a major role in our growth over the last three years as we have become a leader in our emerging mobile engagement category. Their initial and ongoing insights have guided our annual business planning and product roadmap work. Then they also helped drive our sales pipeline and revenue through their senior relationships. Beyond their investment, the mTek team has helped drive our enterprise value substantially for us all."

Carl Wong Carl Wong, CEO Living Lens "mTek partners have been instrumental in lifting our young business to the next level. In helping us evolve our proposition, challenging us to think bigger, and the vital ingredient of their incredible top table network. They are enabling us to take those vital first steps forwards. Coupled with this, their understanding of both demand and supply side, and technology application, are helping our approach become more commercially savvy. We can see that their ongoing contribution will continue to grow and grow as our journey and scale evolve – If you manage to get them onboard you are one of the lucky ones!"

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